UK Coronavirus At Home Test Availability

Testing for COVID-19 is critical to stop the spread and reduce the number of deaths. In the UK, there are three main ways for the general public to be tested: at home, at a drive through centre, and at walk in centres.

At home tests are available through the NHS for anyone with symptoms of coronavirus. However, there is a limited capacity which frequently runs out. The data here shows when it has been possible to order at home coronavirus tests, for both the general public and for key workers.

Availability is checked every 5 minutes, and this page is updated hourly.

Legend:   Tests were available,   No tests available

Testing for the general public

Legend:   Tests were available,   No tests available

Testing for key workers

When requesting a test, you are asked if you are a key worker. This gives you access to a the resources that are set aside to ensure key workers have access to testing.


The Government coronavirus test booking website makes requests to a publically available API which reports the availability of at-home tests. If that API says tests are available, the Government website allow the tests to be ordered.

The data displayed here makes requests to that API endpoint every 5 minutes and records the results. These are then aggregated every hour to make them available to this visualisation.